F4H Refresher Course & Brathay Marathon – A great Success! >

I just wanted to write a short note to thank you all SO much for taking the time & making the effort to come to Brathay for the F4H Follow-up weekend.  I really appreciated how you engaged fully with the programme and created such a great spirit between you; notwithstanding the very wet weather on the Saturday (…a good re-framing opportunity!).  As Gary Haughton (the Marathon Organizer) said at the end of the programme, your tremendous assistance with the signage task on the Saturday night together with your outstanding contribution on the day of the Marathon itself really did help enormously to the wonderful success of the whole event.  There have been many complimentary comments about the quality of the ‘Romeo’ Refreshment Stations work (especially 6 & 7!!) and the incredibly enthusiastic Marshalling throughout the day.  As we all highlighted at the end, when we saw the 10in10 runners in particular, it was inspiring to see just what amazing things can be achieved with the right mind set and sheer commitment, courage & determination; qualities that I know you all have from your links with the military.  Paul Bate – Brathay

Some serious team building!