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F4H’s aim is to help leavers and veterans to realise their ambitions and build a successful life or a second career on their retirement from the forces. We engage our delegates to reflect on their experiences, skills and knowledge, to consider the options available to them in new and liberating ways and to focus on achieving sustainable change.


Alongside resettlement programmes offered by the armed forces, for some individuals there is a need for a structured recovery pathway to help navigate the transition to civilian life. As an adjunct to what is formally provided, F4H helps such individuals take that next step on their journey to a changed future.


Our programme helps individuals improve self-esteem as well as reacquire previously attained skills and self-assurance. These can be the first steps in regaining confidence to make the positive changes associated with leaving the armed forces. Our courses are designed to tackle such life-affirming issues and we work with our delegates to set them on the journey to a positive and successful future. Mentoring is available to those that may wish it for up to 12 months or such time that it may not be required further.