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Testimonial – Scott Carnegie

After a very messy and stressful discharge from the army due to medical conditions, I registered with RFEA for help with looking for jobs etc… But before I can even get a job I had to overcome a lot of personal issues, including homelessness and depression. After living in my tent for over a month in temperatures below -8c, I was allocated a one bed flat on the 24th December (xmas eve). It was an empty shell, no gas/electric, concrete floors etc. Due to the xmas period all the big well known charities were unavailable. My RFEA consultant referred me to Help for Homeless Veterans who within a day or two came out and supplied me with a bed and linen, kettle and microwave and a few home comforts.

My RFEA consultant referred me to Future for Heroes course which at first I thought how could a few days in a classroom and a quick paddle on the lake get me out of this steep STEEP hole I’m in. I attended with an open mind. Over the four days of the course I went from an emotional wreck with no direction and motivation to being full motivation, plans, ideas and so much inner belief. This course has given me a reality check and shown me I have so much to offer both myself and employers. This has given me the focus and drive to consider a career after army life rather than just any job.