Testimonial of Kelvin >

I took part in the F4H course last weekend and it was really good for me. It helped me to open up and to know where I wanted to go. It gave me an understanding of myself and other people around me. The combination of classroom work and outside work was fantastic.

Paul, Richard, Neville and Megan work with a passion to push you to get all the benefits and to progress and set goals that you can achieve.

When I arrived at F4H I was afraid to show my feelings and had no idea what I wanted. But with the help of people on F4H getting me to do my life line and talking to them made me see that I could still go for things and not to be afraid of the future. I now have a true purpose in life and I have goals that I have started to go for.

Without F4H many ex-servicemen and women could be left feeling alone and not knowing what they want. I would recommend F4H to all servicemen and women who do not know what they want or where they are going. Also for those suffering from stress or depression F4H is a valuable charity resource.

I would like to thank them all very much for the work they do for all that come to them.