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Testimonial Of Amy – Remount 41

My husband and I were initially skeptical about attending the Future for Heroes course after it was recommended by his Welfare Officer, however feeling a bit desperate about our uncertain future we decided if nothing it was a weekend in the Lake District.

We thoroughly enjoyed remount and relished the opportunity to be in the relaxed, beautiful environment of Brathay away from the stresses of life. It really gave us the opportunity to focus on how we would bounce back from the situation we were in and plan for our future.

The mentors there were very supportive and made the group feel at ease and the group quickly felt like life long friends where you felt safe to share or not. I was particularly grateful as at the time of the course I was 32 weeks pregnant.

I was made to feel included and all activities were adapted in order for me to access them. I’m glad we attended remount as a couple as fast forward 5 or 6 months my husband as a new job in ‘civvie street’, we have a beautiful baby and feel positive about our future thanks to the stepping stones that we put in place following Future for Heroes.