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Testimonial Of Andrew

I took a drive up from Manchester to the immaculate grounds and surrounding scenery of Brathay Hall feeling a little nervous and apprehensive of what was to await me on course F4H 44,however the fun and unique’ meet and greet’ introduction to the group quickly dispels any of them fears and anxiety’s and allows you to quickly adjust and acclimatise to your environment .

I would be faced with words such as ‘journey’, a word I was uneasy with after watching to many episodes of the X factor . After your first day at Future For Heroes you quickly realise that your life is a ‘journey ‘ a time line of events dictated by you as an individual and used wisely an important personal development tool.

From the adrenalin filled activities challenging you to make a ‘stretch’ trying to find that inner strength and self belief that you can overcome your barriers ,to the succulent sounds and peaceful environment of Lake Windermere enjoying the whispering howls of wildlife whilst  relaxing in your ‘comfort zone’, there is something for every individual.

It is all very personable and contributes to your experience . The course has been intelligently thought out and designed to challenge you on how you view yourself as a Human Being , the barriers that are stopping you from moving forward with your life and  more importantly the course extracts  the quality’s that you already have installed but are being suppressed by your mind  .

The course could not function properly without the intimate knowledge ,compassion and understanding of the F4H instructors and every subject and activity is taught in a mature relaxing and enjoyable environment which allows you to freely contribute to your courses development and success as a team .

Every person has there part to play in society either big or small it does not matter and you will quickly discover your value and contribution in life is important . You will take away with you from the course new friends , skills , a new outlook , motivation and a new self belief to reach the goals that you  want to achieve and you will quickly find out they have always being in your grasp .

Thank you F4H.