Testimonial of Andy >

I attended the F4H Follow up course just as I did last Oct (13) when I also attended F4H course #46, that was with a completely open mind.

On F4H 46 I was at the start of my final 2 years of service with the Army and I knew that during this time I would have to make some crucial and potentially life changing decisions that would not only affect me but my family too. I have no doubt at all that what I had experienced and the people that I had met during that weekend gave me the necessary focus to plough through this challenging chapter.

In myself I have become more organised and feel that I can work through things in a methodical manner and remain focused, but also to understand that no matter how difficult some things appear to be they can be broken down into bite sized, manageable pieces and have the comfort of knowing that really there is always someone or something there to help and guide us through.

We all have something to bring to the table and it was during the “F4H follow up course” that as a team we contributed towards a major fitness challenge the “Brathay-Windermere Marathon”. Having witnessed all the runners, joggers, walkers passing through our refreshment station knowing that a smile on their faces was ultimately created by us handing them a fresh bottle of water, energy drink or even marshalling on the route was all that was needed to keep them going through the last couple of miles was comforting to me.

To “F4H” and the “Brathay” organisation. To the people I have met during my stay, I hope I have the opportunity to return again in the future…

“THANK YOU SO MUCH”, for the helping hand!!