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Testimonial from Damon

The course concept and content was excellent and really well thought out. There was something for everyone and I felt that our group all gained positively in so many ways and on so many different levels. The personal development exercises and the lessons learnt were outstanding and really well presented by the Brathay team and all other presentations and input were extremely useful. What made the course especially outstanding was the ability to allow all participants to work at their own level and pace, regardless of fitness, disability or confidence. All exercises/activities could be regressed or progressed as necessary allowing everybody to engage.


For me personally I took away a new focus, having almost too many options and not knowing what I wanted to do when leaving the services. The time at Brathay allowed me to take a step-back, pause and refocus. It also confirmed my love of the outdoors and made me realise (I knew deep down!) that I would be happiest working in an outdoor environment, probably helping/developing people, either that or as a game keeper! The timing of the course was particularly relevant to me with an uncertain future, due to imminent medical discharge and also due to suffering quite badly with work stress, tour burn out/vicarious trauma.