Testimonial of Davy >

I was looked forward to the course for over six weeks as I missed the December 2014 because it was full. I was not disappointed and to see the difference in all of us over the four days was impressive.

The trainers/mentors were fantastic and with their advice, encouragement and expertise they made the sessions all worthwhile and relevant. I was pleasantly surprised to see how I had changed along with the others, confident people were more confident, quiet people came out of their shell.

We were no longer from individual branches of the Armed Forces but one impressive team.

The course is worth its weight in gold and is certainly the best one I have ever been on with credit going to Jeff, Garry, Andy and Troy for making it so memorable. The two words ‘Thank you’ seem inadaquate for their efforts but they certaintly deserve them.

Would I recommend the course to others? Definitely. Would I like to come back on another one? Definitely.