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Testimonial of Eve

I went to F4H with an open mind and that is all you need, I did not expect anything other than to be able to support my husband.

And I could have been more surprised or inspired, the skills and things I have taken from F4H will continue to be used in my life as an individual and as a wife to my husband.

The people on the course are all amazing people and I felt truly honoured to share everyone’s journey no matter how long or short it was.

People on the course are a mixed bunch from all different walks of life but are all in the same boat in the end.

I felt that you could see and feel the emotional changes and developments that people around you on the course was making and that was amazing to be a part of.

How the course was laid out and balanced for people at different stages in their journey as you can have your eyes open and yet not see.

F4H will not solve everything but give you the tools and the direction you need to get to where it is you need or what to be.

Over all day to day it was phenomenal not only the entire team professional, outgoing, and creative, their energy levels were contagious. the course layout is really full but worth putting the effort in too as you can take as much or as little as you like from the experience I feel that Richard and I going on F4H as a married couple has strengthened or foundations in our relationship and I feel I know him just a little bit better after this experience and plenty of level 5 communication, thank you everyone at F4H for everything.