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Testimonial of Julian

For me, this is one of the best courses I have had the privilege to attend.

* Location: Based on Lake Windermere the course makes us of the natural surroundings from the hills, trees and lake. The accommodation is comfortable with plenty of public and private space and the food is excellent.

* Course: The program is a great mix of Theory and Practical instruction, mixing fun elements/games with the experiences of all the participants.  It does follow a structure to make sure all areas are covered but is flexible enough to allow for individuals experiences as well. It also uses all the grounds to help understanding of the theory as well as allow individuals to challenge themselves in a Safe-Environment.

* Staff: The staff are what bring everything together – both Future For Heroes and onsite – running a great course but also having the compassion and empathy that I found I needed, sometimes seeming to know what I needed before I did and understanding my problems.

I live with “Hidden Illnesses” that I have to face and challenge each day and this is the only place I have found that allowed me to do this in a semi-public environment. They helped me see how AWESOME I can be and allowed me the time and space I needed.

I would say that this is the sort of ‘Decompression Training’ that the military should send everyone on as a starting point and I wish I had done it in 1990 when I left the Army.