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Testimonial Of Laurence

I attended the F4H course in my final two years of service whilst based at the Infantry Training Centre Catterick.

Prior to attending the F4H course I had very little knowledge of what the F4H course entailed. At the time of attending the course I was having some serious family problems with one of my children and thought I’d give the course a try to see if the course would help me manage my life more effectively and help me manage my personal problems at home.

On arrival at Brathay I was extremely impressed with the relaxed atmosphere and
professionalism of all members of the F4H team. I thought the location was absolutely fantastic and this set the scene for the entire weekend.

During the initial introductions from everyone attending the course, it was
interesting to see the diversity of the group and to hear their reasons for
attending the course.

After hearing everyone’s reasons for attending I felt at ease straight away and quick to learn that I was not the only person with problems in my life.

I really enjoyed the group discussions and gained a lot from speaking and
listening to other members of the group. I felt the course had a very good mix
of classroom discussions and outdoor energisers and team tasks which helped the
group to stay focused and help provide the tools and strategies to help everyone
manage their lives more effectively.

I have now left the Army after 24 years service and now working as a
trainer/assessor delivering the new Infantry Apprenticeship at the Infantry
Training Centre as a civilian.

The personal problems at home are still continuing however Future for Heroes has helped provide some of tools to help me manage my life more effectively than I was prior to attending he F4H Course.

Since attending F4H I have been back on two separate occasions to help out and I have also attending a F4H Charity fundraising event.

I would like to thank all members of the F4H Team for their support whilst on the course.

Please pass on my regards to Neville, Paul, Megan and the rest of the team.

Kind Regards

Laurence (Ronnie) Corbett