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Lee’s Testimonial

Perhaps the Friday night on the course could be called ‘Pull up a Sand Bag Night’ !

I had such a great time recalling antics and ‘Procurement Strategies’ from the past! I never realised anything thing like that could have such a change to peoples lives !!

Especially mine…It reminded me that I used to be so happy and positive..and I knew how to enjoy life and make the most of it!

Thank you F4H for allowing me to attend the course and thank you HVSC for referring me smile emoticon As Dr. Suess said ‘Be who you are, Say what you feel.

Because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind’. I strongly recommend this course to any service personnel that are having problems adjusting to civvy life.

A very inspiring and informative course, so many bonded so well in just a short time and although emotional at times, (especially for me at the certificate awarding) we now have new friends and a new outlook on life smile emoticon I am constantly re-framing the negatives and taking a good look and Jo and Harry wink emoticon.

A Big THANK YOU to the tutors for giving up their time and A SPECIAL BIG THANK YOU for the rest of the team that made it to BR65 smile emoticon PS for future attendees… Watch out for the food..Calorie Nukes! best I have had for a long time !! And the cheese cake…good bye Stick Toffee Pudding !!