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Testimonial of Steve

I went to Brathay Hall, F4H, very anxious and in trepidation, I wouldn’t leave the house for days on end, I wouldn’t answer the telephone or the door. Unless I was expecting somebody, I have caller display on my telephone and if I dont know the caller I wouldnt answer.I had really bad nightmares and flashbacks, I am on some really heavy medication to help me sleep.

When I got to Brathay Hall my heart was pounding out of my chest, meeting the other Veterans and serving personnel I began to calm down and by the afternoon it was as if we had been pals all our lives, The staff were fantastic, easy to approach and nothing was too much trouble. That night I went to bed, I hadn’t taken my meds, it took a while to get off to sleep but I slept straight through and had the best nights sleep I can remember.

I have PTSD and I have massive issues with guilt and trust, my anger is shocking and all of these issues seem to be back in my control. That is after a long weekend. I have been to see various other military charities in the last five years and never seemed to be getting anywhere. F4H have given me my purpose back, without wallowing in the past and re-visiting places I really didn’t want to go.

If there are any Veterans or serving people reading this and thinking about this course, I would encourage you to do it. You will NOT regret it, it is not therapy, it gives you the knowledge and the tools to live a ‘Normal’ live to be part of society again, without living in the past and having a bright future.

The staff were very patient with me and allowed me to go at my own pace, and ask questions and challenge what I was being told. I came back from Brathay in alot of pain, but it was good pain, because I had pushed myself and achieved something. I thought I had no chance of ever working again, I have PTSD and have recently come out of prison. I was soon put straight on that count and I am working with the Mentor to get back into full-time employment.

If any of the sponsors are reading this I would like to thank you personally for allowing me to take part on this fantastic and life changing course. There isnt enough superlatives to cover this course,they have probably all been used. It has given me a whole new lust for life. Thank you.