Testimonial of Vic >

Despite my anxiety and fear of the unknown I am really glad to have listened to a past delegate’s advice. I was well supported by Julia Paton and Kevin Hartley during the application and was quickly confirmed on F4H 68.

I didn’t know what to expect, and as soon as we arrived in the amazing surrounding at Brathay we met our fellow course members and were more or less straight out on Lake Windermere.

Our course instructor’s Andy, Garry & Maegen were very relaxed and professional and the course content will make you change your mind about how you feel about yourself and those around you. How to practice good habits, to set goals… to make “positive change”.

My number one for enjoyment: The morning Refresher

and my Life time Achievement: The High V and the Leap of Faith. Why?

For enjoyment, tranquility and inner peace my personal favorite was the morning refresher for sure. After a long period of nightmares and sleep imbalance/deprivation I find it very difficult to get out when I am home alone. The time on the water and in the hills with my dog Mishka and my fellow course members gave me so much pleasure it is difficult to express in a few words. It is now on my list of positive things to “Start”.

I am now a week into forming my new good habit and, though I have had to push myself, it has really helped my emotional well-being to spend more time in nature, come rain or shine.

The other two activities which stand above all for personal achievement were the “High V” and the “Leap of Faith”. Though I love to climb, I fell from a tree as a child and have since suffered from a phobia of heights as a result.

I insisted ongoing first, knowing there was no way I would attempt it if I had to watch someone else struggle first. So climbing the “High V” I felt fine, then my fear took over as I stepped out onto the wire. I was doing this, with Alan whom I had known for a few short hours, telling me to look into his eyes and focus, so as my legs wobbled, I looked into Alan’s eyes and after freaking out twice and returning to the safe refuge of the telegraph pole, I put my complete trust in Alan… and We did it. As my feet touched the ground I fell to my knees and kissed the moist autumn fallen leaves.

Thanks to Alan’s support I had done it. Unbelievable to me just 24 hours before when I had never met this guy, and we both trusted the boys on the ground, who I never noticed were there because I was shitting myself up in the air with Alan.

I then missed and group exercise the next day and was allowed some time alone with Mishka; as we sat together in the rain under a tree, I listened to the flowing water and I let my fears subside. When on the morning of the final day I took the “Leap of Faith” I couldn’t believe it. One word “Elated”.