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Troy’s Testimonial

After serving just under 11years in the Army (Infantry). Serving with 2 different Regiments, DWR & 1PARA. From Sept 1997 until discharged Sept 2011 for medical reasons. With a brief spell outside realising the grass wasn’t greener
for me. My mind set, beliefs & life & a lot of my values have been formed from my stint & career inside the Forces. So to lose that through no choice of my own was a very big impact for me, in fact Massive!

I’m a very firm believer in Routine & I know there is a lot of Security in routine. As 100s possibly 1000s of Service personnel will vouch for & agree with. So on leaving The Regiment early in Sept 2011, I was feeling very apprehensive, anxious one could say? I didn’t know what I really wanted to do with my life, the future? With just a couple of ideas having no direction I felt lost!

The only thing that I knew that I really wanted was to stay within the Army. But unfortunately that was out of my hands? Having appealed against the Medical Board once, but with the same results again, I was feeling very discouraged and low/flat.
I had stints at Tedworth House, which is a lovely place & it gave me the respite & time to relax & reflect, that I needed at the time.

Then following some more surgery I had, doing a stint at the Phoenix House at Catterick PRAC. They are my PRU team at 15 Brigade.

I decided I wasn’t going to get anything achieved sitting around at home pondering, wondering & almost waiting for something to come to me? I focused on using the facilities available at hand to me. I.e. my Welfare team & support
Network. Making phone calls, sending emails networking where and when possible! I put myself out there, Taking Control!

I started to investigate avenues. Carrying out one week’s work experience with Catterick Leisure Centre. Next step was a full month’s work placement at Tedworth House, working with the gym staff. Great time plus experience being around the injured troops again, my people, with a good reference. I also did 3 days at Adrenaline Outdoor Centre at Richmond & thoroughly enjoyed that!

Knowing that I really do love to help & assist, loving the outdoors plus learning new skills, gaining experience, and welfare of people especially the injured troops, as that is my primary background of course! All new challenges I enjoyed whilst broadening my horizons

So on that I decided to take up a friend’s advice & try out the F4H Course, knowing I had nothing to lose with more to gain & use the resources available, and take in everything from what was on offer. I had the best weekend on my first F4H Course, I was diligent in filling out my diary every night & almost dedicated to improving myself with every lesson. I educated myself, with the guidance of F4H of course.

COMFORT – STRETCH- PANIC. Levels of Communications, Reframing & Listening model lesson! Learning about oneself, after all, all knowledge is self- knowledge.
I returned to Future For Heroes a couple of months on a refresher course, through choice of my own.

But this time started asking the questions expressing my interest.
How to go about getting into this line of work? What kind of person does it, ultimately take & fitness levels, interests – Networking.
With the answers I passed onto my Welfare team at The Parachute Regiment. With a glowing report to they became very interested in pointing me into this line of work, to my good fortune.

My team & the Brathay Trust team had a meeting, the result being most positive! A work placement for myself gaining experience & going for the relevant qualifications when ready. Working with a mixed group of instructors, gaining something from each individual, with a residential placement as a bonus.

That is my personal story of Brathay Trust & the F4H Programme thus far. I would very much like it to be a success!

Many thanks to my team: Mentor Paul Bate, Richard Wilson F4H GURU, Craig Treeby Para Reg Welfare, Melanie Pullan & the Poppy Factory, with you guys, goals can be strived for, and maybe dreams can be achieved.

Warm Regards. And Respect Troy P Conner